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Moringa Oleifera Oil

We deal in Moringa Oleifera Oil that originates in India and is pale yellow to green in color having odorless quality. Owing to anti-septic and anti-inflammatory qualities, this Moringa Oleifera Oil is widely used in preparation of antidote for various insects bite, rashes and allergies. This Moringa Oleifera Oil is pure, non-sticky and highly aromatic. We can make available this Moringa Oleifera Oil in various specifications.

Details :

  • Cold pressed Moringa oil is extracted from moringa seeds is 100 % pure.
  • Also known as ben oil is known for its moisturizing effect to the skin and hair. Moringa oil is widely used in skin care products and is excellent massage oil.
  • Moringa oil blends well with other essential oils and has wide applications in the cosmetics industry.
  • We offer Cold pressed moringa oil, also known as drumstick seed extract in pack of 25 kgs.
  • We offer Moringa leaf powder which is the natural supplement to boost energy for day to day life as it is a store house that contains 92 nutrients, 46 antioxidants, 36 anti inflammatories, 18 amino acids and 9 essential amino acids.
  • The fresh moringa leaves are plucked from the moringa tree, sorted and shadow dried.
  • The dried leaves are crushed to get moringa leaves powder rich in Pro Vit A, Vit. B, & C, manganese and protein.
  • Available with mesh size N 40, 60, 80 in 25 kg bags.